How to organise an event in your area to support the Safe Streets Now National Day of Action

To put on an event only requires a few people. As long as you're visible and making some noise, you're making a difference! All we need from you is a suggested location and some contact details, and we'll help you get people down there.

Before you start, check here to see if there is already an event happening near you. If there isn't, follow the simple steps below to get involved:

Select a location for your event - this can be anywhere you choose

You might want to hold your event somewhere that there has been a recent RTC, for instance, where there is a big problem with antisocial driving, or outside the HQ of an organisation you feel should be doing more to ensure people's safety on the road, such as a local council. The location can be absolutely anywhere - just ensure that it will be able to accommodate your expected crowd comfortably without causing any obstructions.

Inform us of the location of your event and the reason why you've chosen it, and we will

  • Publicise it on our website
  • Provide you with leaflets and posters to help you advertise the event and spread about on local websites
  • Provide you with a template press release for your local media
  • Provide you with signage to print for the day (or send this to you if this will be difficult)

Advertise your event by spreading the promotional material on local whatsapp / facebook groups and your own social media, using our national hashtags #SafeStreetsNow and #PeaceSpaceJustice

Turn up on the day at 11AM, and spend time displaying your signage.

To end the event, hold a minute's silence at midday to honour all the victims of road violence, their families and friends.

Make sure to capture images and videos of your event to share online and build the call for change across the country!

Other things to consider for the day

  • Having someone speak (preferably with amplification) to start the event can be helpful. This can explain the action, galvanise people and co-ordinate the minute's silence at the end.
  • We may be able to put you in touch with local families who have suffered the terrible effects of road violence in some way - using the event to help tell their story and personalise the message will be very powerful, if they agree. Please avoid making your event about an individual who has died or been seriously injured unless you have the express consent of their loved ones, however.
  • For larger events, please consider having stewards who can co-ordinate the event and de-escalate any tensions which might arise, with one named person to take the lead on this.

The above is simply a guide and how you choose to organise your demonstration will be determined by your local knowledge. You will be responsible for ensuring that your event is safe and legal.

Thank you for participating in #SafeStreetsNow

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries!