The next National Day of action will be on the 20th April 2024

Gather your fellow campaigners locally to decide on a protest!

Standing up for safety is not a war on anyone. Across the UK, someone is killed or seriously injured on our roads every 16 minutes.

These sudden and unexpected tragedies leave in their wake ruined lives, grieving families and whole communities torn apart by what they have witnessed. They create a climate of fear which limits children's play and makes the acts of walking, wheeling and scooting a source of anxiety rather than joy.

Just because this is normal, doesn't mean it's right. Just because it's how things are, doesn't mean they can't change.

Yesterday we sent our open letter to Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer and other leaders in the fields of transport and law, demanding measures to make our streets safe for everyone who uses them. Show your support for these calls online with the hashtags #SafeStreetsNow and #PeaceSpaceJustice, and make sure you attend one of our events on the 20th April in support!

Current locations: Bath, Bedford, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Inverness, Leicester, London (Lambeth), Newcastle, North Tynemouth, Norwich, Nottingham, Reading, Sheffield - Trades and Labour Club, Sheffield - Walkey Road, Torbay, Wokingham, Worcester

As a society, we have for decades prioritised the convenience of travelling by car at the expense of our safety. More and more of our space has been given over to motor vehicles, only to see it clogged up with traffic. Our peace has been shattered by the ever growing number of dangerous machines that fill our roads. And the victims of this constant threat rarely see justice served, with perpetrators left to drive for months or even years before their cases come to trial, and almost never subject to lifetime bans – even when they have killed someone.

In densely populated residential areas, reducing traffic speeds and providing more protection for people travelling outside of a motorised vehicle will prevent collisions, minimise serious injuries and save lives. It will bring peace to our streets, for motorists and non-motorists alike.

Safe Streets Now is a grassroots coalition of community groups across the UK, backed by national road safety organisations. We stand together, across the country, to find this peace, reclaim our space and achieve justice for the victims of road danger everywhere. Join us to demand the changes we need to make our streets safe now - for everyone.

“The streets belong to all of us, yet they have been captured by machines. Reclaiming them saves lives and builds communities”
George Monbiot, author, journalist, environmental activist
“We know what it takes to build healthy and safe cities; there's an abundance of wisdom and experience out there. The reason we tolerate the child deaths, air pollution and huge financial burden caused by motorised traffic isn't a lack of knowledge - it's an absence of political will. Let's demand safer streets. Now.”
Yannick Read, ETA
“We support Safe Streets Now because 20's Plenty where people are. As the National Campaign for 20mph limits we understand that safer speeds are essential as the basis for better, healthier, cleaner fairer streets for all. 20's Plenty are asking all politicians to follow the lead of Wales who this September normalised 20mph in settlements countrywide. For drivers to drive responsibly within the speed limits and the police to enforce it so that there are safer streets for every road user whether young or old and however they get about.”
Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager, 20's Plenty For Us
"Playing Out fully supports Safe Streets Now because children need to be able to get around and play outside where they live, for their health and happiness. We know that parents are reluctant to allow this mainly because of the very real danger posed by traffic. Urgent and meaningful action is needed to make our streets safe for children and for everyone”.
Alice Ferguson, Playing Out

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